Our famous Butcher Case

Featuring our own storemade sausage and breakfast sausage

The Wardsboro Country Store's butcher case is stocked with prime meat and poultry.  Expert in house meat cutters for custom cuts.  Fresh home made marinades, rubs, and seasonings. Customers from out-of-state come for our store-made sausage and specialty meats.  Whether you need pounds of fresh ground beef for a barbecue or a single chicken breast for dinner, we have a cut of meat for you.

From made-to-order sandwiches to produce to hardware, we have it all.

The Deli

Including made-to-order sandwiches!

Our deli offers a full array of cold cuts like roast beef, turkey and ham along with all of the cheeses you could want. Additionally, there is a case full of delicious salads, hot dogs, and other delights.

The Backroom

We have pet supplies, gardening items, seeds, bait and an array of fishing equipment. Tools, balloons, light bulbs, hats and mittens, work gloves, shovels, mousetraps, motor oil and camping supplies. If you need it, we've got it!

Coffee & Pastry

Try our bacon maple donuts!

Fresh brewed coffee, fresh baked pastry ready when we open every morning.

Wine & Beer

Many craft Beers available.

Varied selection of wines and beers for the sophisticated and the thirsty alike.


From soup to nuts and cookies to candy bars, we have baking supplies, frozen foods, canned goods and more. We go from basic to gourmet.


On a trip? Out of necessities? We have toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, band-aids, most all of the grooming and personal care items you might need.

Locally Made

Maple syrup, caramels, soaps, note cards, honey and candy from local purveyors.


Milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter and everything else.

Toys & Fun

Ready for a birthday party, cookout, or a rainy day?  We have toys & games to go!


Delicious fresh produce, local farmers represented.